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Labour law is an integral part of social law.


A complex subject, employment law is a mixed law, governed by both private and public law. As a lawyer specialising in employment law, you are constantly on the lookout for new legal developments, as the far-reaching changes of recent years have shown.


As a specialist in employment law, Benoît Legru has focused his practice strongly on this area. SELARL Benoît LEGRU assists you whether you are an employer, employee, self-employed, civil servant, self-employed person, etc., and represents you before the Conseil de Prud'hommes, the Pôles Sociaux of the judicial courts, the criminal courts, the Courts of Appeal, and also for all alternative dispute resolution methods (conciliation, mediation, arbitration, etc.).

Avocat Legru Amiens Droit du Travail droit social6.png


As a lawyer specialising in employment law in AMIENS, we can help you to understand employment relations, whether collective or individual. We can also assist you with criminal labour law issues.

Collective labour relations

The field of collective labour relations covers relations between employees, their representatives, employers and employer groups.


Labour law was considerably strengthened by the so-called "Macron" Ordinances of 22 September 2017 on strengthening collective bargaining.


Among other things, these ordinances provided for the merger of existing bodies (staff representatives, works council, health, safety and working conditions committee) into a single body known as the Social and Economic Committee (CSE), which is now compulsory in companies with at least 11 employees.


This new page in the history of collective labour relations can be difficult for companies to grasp. SELARL Benoît LEGRU can advise you on a wide range of issues, including :

  • Calculating the workforce;

  • Appointing staff representatives;

  • Organising professional elections;

  • Management of the Comite Social Economique (organisation of ordinary and extraordinary meetings, proofreading and distribution of minutes, etc.);

  • Compulsory annual negotiations;

  • Management of delegation hours;

  • Rules relating to protected employees;

  • And much more besides.

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Individual labour relations

The field of individual employment relations covers the relationship between an employee and his or her employer, from the inception to the termination of the contractual relationship. 


This type of relationship can take a variety of forms, the best known of which is the employment contract, whether as a salaried employee, a self-employed person or a civil servant.


The employment contract has undergone a number of changes, and now takes a variety of forms: conventional employment contracts, open-ended employment contracts (CDIs), temporary fixed-term employment contracts (CDDs), freelance administration, and so on.


However, new forms of work specific to certain sectors should not be overlooked: we might mention here the status of self-employed worker widely used in the digital platforms sector, and whose growing use gave rise in 2016 to the creation of a new title within the Labour Code (Title IV: Workers using a platform for establishing relationships by electronic means - Articles L7341-1 to L7345-6).


SELARL Benoît LEGRU advises all those subject to the law, from recruitment to the termination of their employment relationships, whether these relationships are governed by private or public law.

  • The firm can help you with a wide range of issues, including

  • Hiring: promise to hire, signing of the employment contract, amendment to the employment contract,

  • The various stages in the employment contract (absences, leave, teleworking, work-related accidents and illnesses, etc.);

  • Remuneration (salaries, bonuses, benefits in kind, etc.);

  • Disciplinary procedures;

  • Termination of the employment contract (resignation, contractual termination, redundancy, dismissal for misconduct, dismissal for unfitness, retirement) and its economic consequences (calculation of compensation, final settlement, notice period, etc.);


As a specialist in employment law in AMIENS, SELARL Benoît LEGRU can also guide companies in complying with their fundamental legal obligations:

  • Internal regulations ;

  • Document unique d'évaluation professionnelles ;

  • Compulsory display ;

  • Professional training ;

  • Health and safety;

  • And much more.

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Palais de Justice Amiens Benoit Legru Avocat Amiens Droit du Travail.jpg
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