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Amiens - Hauts-de-France - Baie de Somme

This law firm provides legal services and professional training to small and medium-sized businesses. Its areas of expertise include


  • advice to companies on employment, contractual and corporate matters

  • labour, civil, contract and corporate litigation, as well as criminal defence of companies in each of these areas.

Internal and external professional training is provided by an associative structure attached to the SELARL.


Drawing on his experience and professionalism, Benoît LEGRU will be able to advise you whether you are :


  • company directors : to comply with your employer obligations (single document, internal regulations, etc.), to draw up your employees' employment contracts, to manage your individual and collective labour relations, to set up professional elections, to organise your general meetings, to draw up your company articles of association, your commercial leases, to successfully complete a transfer of business, an acquisition, etc.

  • employees : find out about your individual and collective rights, negotiate a severance agreement, follow a procedure for incapacity or unfitness, challenge the termination of your employment relationship, understand a collective agreement, etc.

  • local or regional authorities : to comply with your legal and regulatory obligations, manage your labour relations with your employees, etc.

  • residents : to protect your property rights, monitor your building projects, comply with town planning regulations, protect your peace and quiet, etc.

In short! All litigants will find the support and advice of choice at Benoît LEGRU.


The assistance of a lawyer is essential to successfully complete your projects, to overcome your professional or personal, individual or collective difficulties, make no mistake.

Our team

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